What is WORTH?

We are a home based cottage food baking business based in Columbus Ohio. We are governed by and adhere to the cottage food laws by the state of Ohio. We do not have a retail storefront but are able to sell from home for pickup of products. We plan on popping up retail from time to time based on the holiday or event and participate in the farmers markets in town during late Spring & Summer. While cottage food only allows certain products to be made, we believe this pushes us to be even more creative with the culinary canvas. 

Our goal is to provide a one on one custom experience for you. Baking is done towards the end of the week for weekend orders and on weekends for any Sunday or Monday orders. Lead time is generally 2-4 days depending on the items and desired commitment time. We will work with you to customize details or ingredients as needed. All of our items are made by hand in house at the Urban Cottage.  In addition we have experience in working Gluten-free and Paleo food lifestyles. 


We like to celebrate the taste of our product and because of this there are certain items we choose not to use. We do not use or work with any fondant. While beautiful, it really is not tasty . We do not use any pre-made mixes, fillings or food service short-cuts. We believe "made from scratch" should be just that. The highest quality ingredients makes each item stand apart from the rest. 


Cottage food laws prohibit us from producing items which are "refrigerator stable". This means no cheesecakes, cream cheese or whipped cream frostings or fillings, custard or cream based tarts & pies. We regrettably cannot ship any products out or within the state of Ohio. We are only allowed to have pickup, retail sales at locations or provide limited delivery only in Columbus. 

Because WORTH is a one person show at this time, we are limited in our production capacity and work on a small custom scale. We like to work one on one with an individual and book time accordingly, not sacrificing quality for workload. We do not produce cakes for weddings.